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Vogue platform,through proper construction, not only can get fine hanging carrying or partition wall quality,and can guarantee steadily it sturdy and durable, and the storage and carrying of the products,need to pay attention to the following item,can ensure the products to keep the good state.

1. Vogue board is desiccated before being dispatched from the factory,should be put in the room,and is prevented being drenched by the rain.
2. The waterproof oilskin or a set of nylon bag should cover each pile of board.
3. Vogue board should be left in the dry place,and prevented machinery or the artificial homework from touching the broken board corner.
4. Can’t stand upright and put the Vogue board scattered.
5. The largest height of each pile of board is 0.8m,if two piles or more than two piles are piled up,the whole height can’t exceed 3.2m.
You must carry Vogue board carefully,in case that side,angle and area is damaged when you do some construction and load and unload the truck,and prevent the panel from bending excessive at the same time.Although our board has great flexibility ,it still needs two workers to lift stiffly together ,and forbid carrying singly.

As cutting the plank and other construction material ,we cut the vogue board with some electric tool,it also produce the bits of the powder .So the attendant must wear the dustproof mask..There should be good ventilation nature in the place of work. It must clean the bits of the power when clean the place. We suggest using knife cut our board directly in order to avoid dust and scraps.
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