Cuz of professional, we strive to be the top of the market
Cuz of professional, we ensure the product quality stable
Cuz of professional, we develop series of products
Cuz of professional, we make the environment green

Vogue has been assessed by GIC and complying with the international quality certification ISO9001:2008. And the product passed CE certification、SGS certification and Chinese fireproof Grade A testing report.
According to ISO9001:2008 international standard, Vogue has established the system of perfect quality control from materials procurement to after-sale service, each link has strict quality control and request. It is sure to offer first-class product quality and satisfactory service to each customer.
Vogue have a team of engineers and experts equipped with the latest technology and strong capability for new products.

Pass technical reform and product innovation, Vogue provide the new type green and friendly environment building board to world, this is the revolution for building board. VOGUE GREEN BOARD never use the raw material, which endanger to the human body, such as the asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and so on..
Vogue realizes that the importance of protecting the environment and using resources. Vogue devotes to strengthening the responsibility of protecting the environment and fulfilling the obligation to the later generation constantly in the course of contacting with customer, staff, government and public.
The overall goal of Vogue is to guarantee that the behavior of the company and environment protection around are harmonious, act of pioneer in a society taking environment protection for granted.

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