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Fireproof and stop burning
Measured through national authoritative, Vogue board is the A grade not-burning material, the wall board and steel construction which are comprised by this material. It is fire-resistant limit is far higher than the national standard.

Waterproof and damp proof
Through being proved, Vogue board still keeps intact after being soaked in water for one month, the phenomenon of swelling and out of shape will not happen.Out of shape rate in the condition of wet or dry is 0.26%.and absorb water rate is about 15%.Espeaially intensity of break in the condition of dry is 18Mpa.in the condition of picking up the moisture is 22Mpa,namely the intensity of break is higher when in wet.

Sound insulation
The sound insulation of 10mm thickness magnesium oxide board can reach 46dB.

Keep warm and insulate heat
Vogue board’s thermal resistance is 1.14㎡k/w, it has the function of fine heat insulation and keeping warm extremely.

The light weight and high intensity
The weight of 10mm thickness panel is 10.07kg/㎡,it is 31.5 kg/㎡ after making the wall with the light steel keel and is about 1/10 to the ordinary solid clay brick wall, it’s intensity of impact resistance is 2-3 times to wall of ordinary gypsum board,it is easy to install,also could shorten time for a project effectively.

Green environmental protection
This material is formed for natural materials,such as the inorganic matter, plant fiber etc. radioactivity is well below the national standard,environmental protection accord with national request, and it is new product encouraged by the state policies.

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