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Vogue wood grain mgo board can be used for exterior and interior wall , add the finishing touches to a beautiful, and are all engineered for climate, so you get the right product for your home no matter how harsh the weather is where you live. Vogue® boards provide unmatched durability and allow you to create a variety of design possibilities for trim, gables, corners, fascia, windows, doors, column wraps, rakes, friezes, decorative trim and other non-structural architectural elements. Vogue boards come with a 15-year transferable, limited warranty.

Products data :

1. Fireproof Performance : Grade A
2. Thermal resistance: The average R factor
3. Antibacterial Properties: antimicrobial resistance rating for 0.
4. Security: 100% does not include the asbestos , formaldehyde and benzene.
5. The density : 1.0-1.1 kg/cm³
6. Max length : 3660mm , Max width is 1200mm,the thickness 3mm-20mm another size base the client’s requirement.
7. Easy to fix .
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