-Go back-Lining board of fire prevention door
Fire prevention
Non-inflammable A-class material is adopted and will not burn. The limitation of fire endurance is 4.5hours.No harmful smog will be generated and personal or properties’ safety can be safeguarded.
Dampness prevention
This product has excellent dampness prevention performance. It will be in stable performance, free from expansion or deformation even in highly places.
Environmental protection
This product does not generate any harmful gas or radioactive substance. By adopting the recycled and pollution-free nature material, it surely meets the requirements of environment protection. 
Free from dust
Tight material will not leak any dust to pollute the space and thus it is suitable to use in places that requires high cleanness.
This product offers excellent performance in heat insulation and heat prevention. Its performance makes it consume very small quantity of energy even in vile climate. As much as 10times the heating or cooling energy will be consumed without the use of these BMP if compared. A more comfortable and controllable indoor environment can be provided to the residents. 
Main purposes
Special lining board for wood,steel,steel and wood ,and fire prevention door.
Standard dimensions
1220*2440 3.0-12.0mm 915*1830 3.0-12.0mm
Technical data
Compressive strength:1.5-2Mpa
Bending Strength:0.8-1Mpa
Water non-absorption ratio:≥95%
Average sound absorption index:0.64
Heat transfer coefficient: ≤0.06510/m.k
Dryness retraction:≤0.5mm/m
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