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This system is especially suitable for office,meeting room,hotel,factory building,market,great hall and large scale suspending project.It has light weight,great flexibility,so it will enhanc e indoor brightness and beautiful effect to reduce the reflect light.With another layer of rock cotton,it has better function of warm keeping,heat resistance,soundproof and sound absorption.

The method of installment
1,Drop playing thread,confirm the regular position of suspend pole,generally,the center intervals is 1200mm
2,Connect the suspender poles to main keel and fixed well by suspender accessories as well as keep the main keel horizontal
3,Fix the subordinate keels to main keel with hangers,the center intervals between subordinate keels is 400mm
4,Fix waling keels well according to real demands,the center intervals between waling keels is 600mm
5,As for the treatment of opening of board,it is needed to be open before installation and close end with wall angle
6,If the suspender is too big,it is needed to use suspender seperately or strengthened
7,The installation of pipe line could not break the system of keel
8,According to the requirement of sound insulation,it needs to be install glass wool or rock wool,and then close plate
9,Use the screw to fix the board on the keel, and do the best joint
10,Installation of board should be from middle to around
11,Screw should be shot by electric screw gun one time
12,Screw should be down about 0.5mm on the surface of board,could not be cut or break

Vogue board match with light steel keel ceiling system has two kinds:loading human on the ceiling and not loading human on the ceiling.For not loading human ceiling,we just take the weigh of ceiling and light lamp into account without bearing other load.For loading human ceiling,we must bear the 80-100kg dynamic load.The other things not above mentioned,you can check it on our construction manual.If you have special requirements,please contact with our technological department.
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