-Go back-Vogue acoustic perforated panel
Propose about the place to use
Acoustic wall,Acoustic ceiling,computer lab,subway,cinema,broadcasting,TV station,spinning mill and factory there noise over standard and gym as well as large public building.

Main characteristic
Fire prevention
Damp proof
Easy installation and maintenance
Durable in use
Do not include the asbestos

Products data
Material Base: Modified magnesia cement
Surface material:Emulsion paint of acrylic acid
Back material: demrity dust covers
Size:603*603*5-9mm 595*595*5-9mm 600*1200*5-9mm
Bending strength: 15Mpa(GB/T7019-1997)
Density :0.8-1.1g/cm³(GB/T7019-1997)
Absorbing water rate 15%(JC688-1998)
Fireproof characteristic:A Grade not combustible(GB8624-1997) no combustible (BS476Part4)
Thermal resistance: 1.14㎡k/w(GB/T13475-92)

Notice :More pattern available,pls contact with sales department if need.
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