-Go back-Suspending use of Green ceiling
This system is suitable office,meeting room,great hall,restaurant,hotel and etc. It has novel and beautiful visual effect.

The method of installment
1.Confirm the center intervals between metal suspender poles.generally.It is 1200mm.
2.Fix the border keel on the wall around ceilings horizontally with self-tapping screw.
3.Fix T main keels with metal poles,the center intervals are 600mm or 610mm
4.Insert subordinate keels into main keels,insert one by each interval for 600mm or 610mm
5.Lay Vogue ceiling (595*595mm/603*603mm/1195*595mm) on the T keels.

Pay attention to
According to different construction requirements (when hanging for bigger area),should add light steel UC38/UC50 light steel keels on the T main keels, connecting suspender poles to UC38/UC50 light steel keels with hanger.If customers need to use Vogue perforated board, in order to strengthen we warm keeping and soundproof performance, we can increase another layer of soundproof rock cotton and should be laid on the UC38/UC50 keels directly.

Unit :mm 1.T main keel 2.T false keel 3.L border keel 4.Suspender pole 5.Vogue ceiling
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