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Vogue dampproof board is a new dampproof material,this kind of product has the high performance of dampproof, and it is tested that it could be remained original after put into the water for one month, it will be not distortion, and there is the performance environment protection, damp resistance, high intensity, low weight, sound insulation, keep warm. It could be used in the space of damp like cookroom, bathroom and the inner of exterior wall. The surface of this kind of product could be pasted tile, wall paper, paint and so on. It is used Gray to distinguish the other board.
Good performance:
1) Fireproof: Grade A.
2) Keep warm, insulate against heat, the sound insulation.
3) Moisture resistant.
4) Construction simple, easy and swift, easy to decorate, easy to cut, bore, plane, shear, good surface finish, applicable to other modeling to decorate for twice/
5) 100% does not include the asbestos, scientific prescription, really green environmental protection panel.
6) Durable have long performance life. Widely used in commercial building, industrial building, residential housing, public place and so on.
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